(Cellar Live, 2017)

“the assertive pianist and innovative composer leading its 11 sizzling tracks…Haidu regularly surprises, making his Cellar Live debut after two Posi-Tone recordings an unexpected delight.”
-Carlo Wolff/4½ star Downbeat Magazine Review

“The New Jersey native and pianist is holding a master class in jazz…possessing that natural flow and elegance that’s the mark of all the greats like Barron, McCoy Tyner and Chick Corea.”
-S. Victor Aaron/Something Else Reviews

“Haidu’s ability to express deep feelings is striking.”
-Tony Hall/Jazzwise (UK)

“An ambitious and highly successful showcase for Noah’s piano, compositions and ensemble conception.”
-George Kanzler/Hot House

“Infinite Distances pulses with soul…a  sumptuous record that swings and grooves with far out moments.”
-Dan Ouellette/Downbeat Magazine Article

“The leader and Irabagon create blazing solos…These compositions have deep meaning.”
-Richard B. Kamins/Step Tempest

“Superb solos at every turn…full of intricate yet engaging melodies.”
-Ron Netsky/Rochester City News Paper

“This is ambitious …played by musicians at their creative and technical peak.”
-Phil Freeman/NYC Jazz Record

“The pieces combine swing, modern rhythms, improvisation, soul, gospel, and R & B in a new way. You can feel the closeness of the musicians.”
-Ranier Bratfisch/Jazz Podium (Germany)

“The suite is a beautiful heart-offering, poetically crafted and ornamented by the gifted pianist”
-Raul da Gama/The Whole Note (Canada)

“The most sensual moments come with a low profile of ‘Hanaya’ and ‘Can we Talk’, dominated by the delicate and sensitive touch of Haidu.”

“Haidu at his kinetic, dynamic best.”
-Bobby Reed/Downbeat Critics Pick Review

“Haidu’s clanging chords can make your fingertips hurt in sympathy; when he starts soloing, though, he exhibits a surprising lightness of touch.”
-Phil Freeman/Stereogum

“A heavy rite of passage”
 -Ron Hart/The

Praise for Noah as a sideman:

“The song has a mellow beginning, aided by (Mike) Stern’s haunting guitar work, but when Haidu steps up, the mood changes and the fury picks up.”
—Woodrow Wilkins / 

“The keyboard work (Noah Haidu) alone makes this May, 2011 release well worth purchasing it…Noah’s organ work on the opening title track, “Soul Step“, is among the best I’ve heard this year!”
—Dick Metcalf /

“…Haidu’s soulful riffs on the keyboard had an intense gravity…”
—Ivana Ng /

Praise for Momentum & Slipstream
(Posi-Tone/2011) (Posi-Tone/2013):

“A rising star in New York’s vibrant jazz scene…Haidu is one of the finest young jazz lions…with jazz luminaries like trumpeter Jeremy Pelt and alto saxophonist Jon Irabagon gracing the band as part of a core quintet, rising above their powerful performance is quite an accomplishment and Haidu does just that.”
-Edward Blanco / JazzTimes

“Unquestionably one of the most confident and impressive of all the new pianists…Haidu is an important new talent.”
-Tony Hall / Jazzwise Magazine (UK)

“The cat can play his butt off.”(Slipstream)
-R.J. Deluke / All About Jazz

“Well-crafted piano lines that rest seductively on the underlying harmonies.”
-Mike Hobart / Financial Times

“Blends the influences of Monk, Herbie Hancock and Geri Allen into a most funky concoction…the pianist really dances over the active rhythm section.” (Slipstream)
-Richard B. Kamins / Step Tempest

“Stretches in daring fashion on a blistering trio rendition of Cole Porter’s Just One of Those Things.”
-Bill Milkowski / JazzTimes

“A striking first album…superb.” (Slipstream)
-Bruce Lindsay / All About Jazz

“Swings with authority and absolute divine purpose…he is without a doubt the real deal.”
-Rob Young / The Urban Flux

“Noah Haidu is accessible, intelligent and a master at his art.”
–Brent Black / Critical Jazz

“Haidu’s got the talent to go places.” (Momentum)
-Bruce Lindsay / All About Jazz

“Sure to turn into a bright star.” (Slipstream)
-Chris Spector / Midwest Record

“This one’s going to knock you out.”
-Marc Myers / Jazzwax

“Haidu’s rising star is propelled by a sure technique…instilled with a harmonic freshness and degree of modernism that is all Haidu.” (Momentum)
-Nick Bewesy / ICON

“Noah Haidu is a wonderfully talented pianist…intensity, intelligence, and wit.” (Momentum)
-Richard Kamins / Step Tempest

“Haidu’s compositions progress with a forthright liveliness… beautifully wrought.”
-Bill Meyer / Downbeat

“The power of the groove inspires Haidu through a marvelous solo with seemingly inexhaustible melodic ideas. ★★★★”
-Thomas Cunniffe, Jazz History Online

“Haidu occupies that sweet spot where melodic adventurousness meets harmonic elegance.”
-Ron Netsky / Rochester City Newspaper

“Solos with passion and purpose…a telepathic rapport with drummer John Davis.”
-Dan Bilawsky / All About Jazz

“Haidu has soul and intelligence.”
-Barry Bassis / Town & Village Magazine

“The music is energetic, straight ahead jazz joy. I especially like Haidu’s style of playing…his solos are gorgeous.”
-Ken Blanchard / Jazz Notes

“A performer and composer with focus and vision.”
-Giovanni Russonello / Capital Bop

“Some of the best group jazz you can hear…a pianist who’s chock full of ideas.” (Slipstream)
-Nick Bewsey / ICON Magazine

“It doesn’t hurt of have two of jazz’s currently hottest horn players on his record, Haidu showed without any doubt that he belonged in that kind of company.”
-S. Victor Aaron / Something Else Reviews

“…your money’s worth in thrills…” (Momentum)
-Chris Spector / Midwest Record